Losing your mind has never been more hilarious.

Australia’s Premier Corporate Entertainer and Mind Reader, Anthony Laye, will take you on a mind-blowing experience full of laughs and wonder, leaving you and your guests with a sense that you’re not the only one in control of your thoughts.

It’s a powerful show that seriously leaves an impression.

A human lie detector test, nail-biting Russian roulette, amazing mind tricks… Anthony Laye delivers such a unique, unforgettable and funny experience that will be talked about for years to come.

So unless you’ve already seen Anthony Laye as part of the international magic spectacular “The Illusionists”, or on his many television appearances, then you’ve never seen anything like Anthony Laye.

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‘Anthony Laye is a truly great performer and entertainer. He engages the audience and makes you feel that he is speaking directly to you, making you feel a real part of his performance. What he does is amazing, incredible and clever. He is an artist of exceptional quality. He is also a very likeable person and acts in the most professional manner with his clients.’ - Julie Heraghty, CEO, Mascular Degeneration Foundation

‘That was amazing’ – Molly Meldrum

‘How did, how did, how did you do that’ – Kylie Gillies, The Morning Show

‘I’m absolutely freaking out’ – Dannii Minogue

‘That was sensational’ – Kyle Sandilands

‘If this goes wrong you will be audited for the rest of your life’ – Joe Hockey

‘One of the best things I have ever seen’ – Brian McFadden

‘WHAT! how did you know’ – Jackie O

‘Super smooth mentalist Anthony Laye unleashes his psychic powers on the audience’ – The Age

‘Awesome, dazzling, amazing, unbelievable, incredible, Australia’s Pre-eminent Mind Reader’ – Jean Kittson, Performer, Writer, Comedian.

‘This is Phenomenal’ – SAFM

‘Loads of fun and highly entertaining. It’s almost guaranteed that when you leave his show, your entire conversation home will be about trying to figure out exactly how he did what he did’ – NovaFM

‘Continually interacting with his audience, Mr Laye is simply captivating’ – Lowdown Magazine

‘One-half freak of nature and one-half awe inspiring mindreader’ – RIP IT UP Magazine

‘Nothing Bogus About His Act’ – The Advertiser

The Ultimate Corporate Entertainer, enquire now