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Its Not Just About The Body!

When we think of non-verbal communication we instantly think body language, yes, this plays a big part however, just as important is the way that we present ourselves. Before we have even uttered a word in a face to face encounter our appearance will be judged. So take a moment to think how you present

Posted 22nd May 2014

The Mind Reader Episode 6

Amazing mind reader, Anthony Laye uses his amazing mind tricks to access peoples thoughts and influence their choices. (Read more)

Posted 19th December 2013

It’s Important To Give It The Thumbs Up……

Thumbs are not only handy when holding a pen, they also convey a great deal about the way we are feeling. Thumbs up is a nonverbal sign of high confidence, even more interesting it’s a secret sign of high status. Think of the way a doctor holds his or her coat lapels. Interlaced fingers are

Posted 19th December 2013